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A student entrepreneur meets the needs of today's struggling student

September 6, 2012 By Robyn S. Rader



Did you run a successful business before you even graduated from college? Joshua Pincus, who is currently a junior at the University of Florida, studying business administration with a minor in entrepreneurship, is the owner of You Ask, We Tutor, a company that offers tutoring services for students in grades K through 12.


While a company offering tutoring services isn’t unusual, students tutoring students is noteworthy. After all, who can better relate to a student than a student?


Pincus hires tutors who have not only mastered their subject area but who can explain it clearly to a student who may be struggling to comprehend a topic.

The majority of his clients find that a student tutor gets through to students better than a teacher because they can relate to someone closer in age who has recently studied and mastered the same material.

With bigger class sizes, teachers with the best intentions aren’t always able to adequately address every students’ need. Some students may be embarrassed to seek help, and others may have other additional challenges, Pincus said. Gone are the days where tutoring was offered for those who struggle with academics — today, tutoring is offered for bright students, as well, to help them keep up with their studies.


Students rarely seek tutoring on their own; usually a parent calls us and sets up a tutoring session for their child. Most students have a bad notion that tutoring will be boring, ineffective and a waste of time. But after working with a tutor who is extremely bright, their own age and has many similar qualities and insight, they generally enjoy the service and find it to be a boost to their grades as well as their confidence, Pincus said.


You Ask, We Tutor offers tutoring for elementary-age students who may need assistance for the FCAT, reading and writing, comprehension assistance and beginning mathematics. Middle school students often seek help in all levels of math and Spanish. High school students seek assistance with algebra 1 and 2, geometry, pre-calculus, calculus, chemistry and physics.


Justin, who is entering sixth grade, was struggling in most subjects because of his ADD. He was seeing an expensive tutor who was an elementary school teacher, but Justin dreaded going, said Beth Alfalo, Justin’s mom. Justin’s Exceptional Student Education teacher recommended You Ask, We Tutor, where Justin has been getting tutored in math, reading and science for more than a year and a half. His grades have gone from F’s and D’s to C’s, B’s and some As. Justin loves his tutors, Josh and Evan, because they explain things in a way that he can understand, Alfalo said.

 You Ask, We Tutor recently added Weston and Parkland to its territory.

“These guys are great,” Alfalo said. “They are professional, intelligent, nice young adults. And they come to your house — I love that! I suspect one day I will see Joshua as some CEO of some Fortune 500 company. There's no doubt about it.”


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