Hear from our customers why You Ask, We Tutor is truly the best tutoring service in South Florida!

“"My son Alex & I attended the Marjory Stoneman Douglas College Fair & thats how we discoved "You Ask,We Tutor." He is currently in 8th grade and consistently struggles in Algebra, Language Arts, & Science. Being a single parent without child support I simply cannot afford the $50-60 per hour in tutoring fees that is charged by most tutors. However, Alex's whole world changed and his grades too when we started using your affordable tutors. I can honestly say that the high school tutors and young college freshman tutors really relate better when it comes to tutoring instruction for my son. We want to thank you and will continue to use You Ask, We Tutor on a consistent basis."

— Stephanie, Mother 

"I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with Eric's math grades. After struggling in honors math, I am happy to inform you that this quarter Eric brought home an "A" on his most recent report card. To put it bluntly, we were all psyched! Homework time is no longer stressful because of math and Eric is always well prepared and relaxed going into his tests. I can't say enough about the quality of tutoring from You Ask, We Tutor because it's obviously working! At the risk of sounding corny...........Although the tutoring is most important, you guys still continue to impress me with your customer service. My calls or texts receive almost immediate replies and you are always able to accommodate should we need to cancel or change the time of a tutoring appointment. We know when an appointment is scheduled because we have come to rely on the email and text message reminders you send out on the day of appointment. We think that you provide an excellent service to the community and will strongly recommend you to our friends and neighbors."

— Steve M, Father 



"When I Googled 'Weston Tutors,' I immediately saw their information and was impressed by the obvious entreprenurialism. I loved the idea that the business was developed by local students with students of exceptional caliber being the tutors. We have been extremely pleased with our tutor." 

— Lynn F, Mother 

"You Ask, We Tutor has helped improve my son's math scores 100%. He went from struggling in basic middle school math to excelling in advanced math and even recieved high FCAT Math scores in six months. I would highly recommend their skilled tutor's in an instant."

— Dawn L, Mother 

"My son Justin went from having an F in math to a C in a matter of a few weeks with the help of Evan, his math tutor. They save the day when a surprise test comes up, and Josh or Evan will even come over that day to help Justin study for the test and get him prepared. I am using Tony for reading skills and FCAT Prep. I have had professional teacher tutors for Justin and these high school student tutors can relate better to my 5th grader than a teacher can. They are incredibly reliable, extremely intelligent, and very professional. I highly recommend them to anyone needing help with their schoolwork. You Ask, We Tutor is awesome!"

— Beth A, Mother 

"My daughter learned very quickly and related with someone her age. They are always responsible in keeping their appointments and following up to see how she is doing."

— Lissette D, Mother 

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